What is a personality. There’s no longer anything personal about it. We’re nothing but the reflections of society that we need to be. Born free, we enslave our selves to bills and fees. In the quest for pay rises and uni degrees. We chase a “better life” although the term remains undefined. We all seem so eager to fall in line, Our individuality becomes undermined…

What good is a first impression, when self expression is reduced to a prosaic mosaic, made from, the broken pieces of freedom, we flee from. We’re obliged to conform. Stray never too far from the norm.
though this persistent resistance defies the very nature to which we were born. Torn, Our existence is now based on a need to belong…
We follow another mans plans to strive for the upper hand, As we fail to understand how to meet lifes demands.spite and envy, occupy the earths atmosphere, like the oxygen we respire, it runs through our systems.

We are all victims, of the day to day stress, as we dress to impress, under discrete duress. Work till were depressed. Ruined by the influence of affluence, when we were all born blessed… 

We must try not to forget, in this life full of regrets. Being who you really are is the only true success.  

chidi3s ©

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