On the outside looking in, but invites to step inside, will simply get declined, he oddly feels content with his position… He takes a few steps back, to get a better view of the dark clouds, that crowd his minds Vison, this only reinforces his disposition…

He attempts to move forward, as those dark clouds turn to thunderous showers, he feel stuck as he ponders for hours, too bold to be scared. Too smart to be brave, a rebellious child seeking permission… from a source of uncertainty… For all eternity bound to be enslaved by the things he cannot change… Now there seems to be no shelter from the storms rage… He puts on a show, even though, the storms ever growing flow, has made him outlandish at that stage. A tired man, at young age

The showers turn to floods, the storms refuse to subside, and the time has come to decide… Will he sink or swim… The future is as unclear, as the water he chokes in, yet the past he cannot forget… He takes a gulp of the water he treads, as he realises, not choosing is a choice he now regrets…he tries to jostle, but only causes a few splashes and bubbles, Stuck between previous struggles, and future riddles….timelessly floating…

in the middle…

Published by chidi3s

All available Original paintings listed here You can now buy my art as fabrics, wall paper, and gift wrap! just follow the link :)

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