Oblivious in their attempts to guide us, what they fail to realise is, the advice provided on our vices, only demises the life inside us, dims the brightness of light inside us. Until there is only ice where warmth once resided, until they loose their voices and tend to grow violent…. and vice versa.

We all break free from Inertia, and act out all the negativity we had once blacked out. We feel we can never back down, and let them turn our suffering to stats, how? Bright colours so we never fade back into the background, we live through the drama waiting for karma to come back round.

Presented only with what they perceive to be shallow adolescents, desperate to circumvent actuality. They have no prescience of what our impertinence actually represents.

For all our openness judgement is the penalty . As they attempt to suppress our individuality. Their perspective is now stained by the pursuit of position and vanity, their promises fill us with doubt, because their clarity is clouded by clout

 So we no longer see where their intentions lie , actually…we see only lies

Still we strive to survive, working towards unity, giving back to our communities, empowering our sisters, uplifting our brothers, protecting our environment and spreading love to one another, intellectual debating, spiritual meditating, raising our consciousness to new levels

and still they see… only rebels


Published by chidi3s

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