They spill blood to get your attention, They spread tension, They watch your entire nation, and way of life derail. as we, point fingers, bickering about irrelevant details…

At ease!  

They sit and They watch, They’re at ease, innocent blood spilt on the streets, genocide, hunger, famine, disease. They smile and look on, They are pleased. we, search the destruction and deceased, hoping to find even the most minuscule piece of peace.

we, question the god that they claim to appease, too many children  shot down by police, like its everyday life, day light robberies of innocent life, They pretend no one sees.


all progress must come to a halt. we’re not even sure who’s at fault, confusion partakes in all assaults, into our wounds They rub salt. slander my brother with insults

They, take his faith as a scape goat, re-painted as a violent cult, in the red that spills, from his silenced throat…

we debate our fate, spreading They’re fear and They’re  hate, while They make a killing, emptying vaults…

Take aim! 

They take aim with misguided information, targeting the majority of the population. Dividing we into them and us, no one knows who to trust. They send us Leaders that are corrupt, as They watch, our city’s and homes erupt.

enough is enough! ‘they’…must be stopped


We, must march towards revolution. We, must retaliate, We, must see they’re power come to dilution. We must be liberated. we only, possess the one weapon truly neccesary. The only true route to victory. The only way to truly be free.

Love! Love is the key… To hallways of opportunity…Those blinded will once again see…. As soon as love turns They turns them into We

Published by chidi3s

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