The eye

Through out history and across various cultures, there exists a notion that we as a species are being watched by somekind of higher order… That is an intrinsic part of most belief systems…I don’t think we’ll ever have answers to the questions; who is watching us? And why? But if we are being watched theContinue reading “The eye”


Now Deeply rooted in my grey matter, emotions stem from a flower that never leaves. I lay there, mired in thought, wondering how different my plot would be, if her seeds were never sown… If she had never grown on me… Her petals shine like gold medals, on my podium of pandemonium, cropping up everContinue reading “Flower “

Under the influence

The waves danced like devine feline across the shoreline, to the tune of a moon so full ,it could have worn out a ware wolf.  she was refelcting the suns light when the days got darker, she went through her phases but she was always there, on time, in rhythim. contantly influencing under the influence.Continue reading “Under the influence”