dessert flower


moving through strange places, far away…. from home…Only ever seeing tired looks on strangers faces. stuck in a sand dune, my heart sang a sad tune.

Then she spoke to me, and like a beam of light from the cresent moon; without having any intention to, she shed her light on my path…

Just when my journey had become too much to bare…exhuasting and aimless….she was there.

She was the flower that had bloomed in the dessert, her courage reminded me what faith was…

She was an oasis, providing shade to every tired traveller, she taught me what grace was…

once again, moving through stranger places, further from home, although now those tired faces are no longer a relfection of my own …lost no longer, now i navigate with the stars…

but every now and then, when my destination seems too far… I remember her face, her faith, and her grace, and know i will get there one day…at my own pace


Published by chidi3s

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