Exhibitions and Events

The Awakening

Location: 5th Base Gallery

This was the first solo exhibition held by Chidi3s. It featured artwork based on his personal journey to making the decision to switch from Chemical Engineering to Visual Art as a career path, as well as his personal motivation and inspiration for the emergence of his current style. It also featured collaborative work with designer Mani Sethi and Photographer Melody Fisher.


Location: Chestnut Art Centre  

Interconnected was an exhibition organised by Archetype Designs and Chidi3s to celebrate the emergent urban talent in the discipline of Visual Art, as well as inspire local residents and members of the centre, by showing that art is truly accessible to all people regardless of their walk of life. The exhibition featured artwork by Zoe Navarre, Adebayo Desalu, Sharyh Murray-Francis and Chidi3s, as well as bespoke jackets created by Chidi3s and Archetype Designs.

Collective Consciousness

Location: 5th Base Gallery

This exhibition was created by a group of artists coming together. Using their art and individual styles of expression they showed that humanity is more connected than it is separated, and explored the balance between individuality and community.

The Lotion

Location: The Old Street Gallery

The Lotion was a creative showcase organised by Wave City Presents. It featured artwork from Art Soul Child, Art by Resistant, Hood Art Stories and Chidi3s, as well as presentations from various performing artists of different disciples. It was a celebration of the creativity of London’s emerging talent.

Art Tonic

Location: Elizabeth James Gallery

Contemporary artist from around the world came together to create an exhibition exploring colour and form, whilst exploring the notion of art being an inspirational tonic for the soul as well as the effect tone and form have on us as individuals. It featured artwork from Wren Eleven, Josh Hoffman, Marcin Lach, Sandie G, Hannah Prince, and Chidi3s.

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