Your light

Standing in your own radiant glow, you can only see the shadows you’ve cast.
Stuck between a bright future and a dark past… Wondering which one is really you…wondering if all you do has had a purpose? Wondering if its all been worth, it or just worthless… But a building will never know the strength of its own concrete, and a fire will never feel warm from its own heat. Just like you, could never see your light from your own point of view.
So I urge you to keep shining… And shine bright… Whatever that is to you…even though you’re blind to your own sight.. Because Its cold, and its dark. And we all need your light.

The donkeys vision (commission)

A horse, a camel and a donkey decided to have a race.

The horse had its agility, it was running from the moment it was born. So it could go faster than most. Gallantly spritnting and jumping over hurdles

The camel had its endurance, born with thick skin and humps to store fat, it can go further than most without discomfort.

The donkey had niether of these, No where near as durable as the camel or as agile as the horse… It seemed the donkey was a dreamer to think it could win this race… But it looked niether at the elegant horse nor the towering camel, and kept its vision fixed on the course ahead.

The race started with a loud bang!

The horse got startled and would not move forward, it began to kick and neigh instead.

The camel got spooked and ran away in the opposite direction.

While the donkey, the smallest of them all, remained still, held to its vision and proceeded to win the race undeterred, unbothered, and unafraid.

Mc angel (commission)

It’s always a pleasure making art for fellow artists. This was commissioned by a friend of the very talented MC Angel. I used symbolic representation of her values and her own lyrics to make this portrait.

The rat tamer (commission)

They’re in the dark corners you pretend not to notice, and they come out to play when it’s dirty inside… or sometimes just at random…
The rats that you tried to hide, running rampant chewing up your curtains and carpets…taking your values for randsome. They grow if you feed them, they become rabid when you attack them, they only get smarter when you try to trap them.
Try to drown them in poison, that might kill you too… So what can you really do?… except make it worse…

Well, we all have rats ofcourse, and You can’t get rid of them, you just have to find a way to learn to live with yours.

The rat tamer

The weightless man (commission)

‘the weightless man’

I used to think money was synonymous with power.
I used to think walking away was being a coward
I used to think space and time were only inches and hours… I used to think too much, and realised to little… I realised brittle, foundations will topple even the tallest towers
I realised letting go will surely see your soul scoured
I realised i was made by, and for this world
The way a tree makes a flower
Created to create, to blossom into somthing great, before i fade away again, back into time and space… I used to think, until i started to realise, now i can be…

Dead cells

I’ve been asking people to follow me, as if I’m not lost… I’ve been looking for love, and validation…only getting likes, and eventual frustration.

I’ve let people into my world, and played host, but I’ve been trying to share more than just a post.

I’ve been trying to find myself in a selfie, all these different angles, but which one is the ‘best me’? 600 people viewed my story, and zero of them know my story. I’ve been serving my ego looking for glory… Trying to be real on a platform that isn’t. The Irony.
Ive made some real connections, and I do truly appreciate all the support Ive got.
But my batteries about to die, so like… now what?