Fun fact: the blue whale is the largest animal to ever exist, larger than any dinosaur that ever walked the earth. Not so fun fact: experts predict that in 50 years time the amount of plastic in the will outweigh fish in the sea. we must do all we can to eradicate single use plasticContinue reading “choas”

Mc angel (commission)

It’s always a pleasure making art for fellow artists. This was commissioned by a friend of the very talented MC Angel. I used symbolic representation of her values and her own lyrics to make this portrait.


Now Deeply rooted in my grey matter, emotions stem from a flower that never leaves. I lay there, mired in thought, wondering how different my plot would be, if her seeds were never sown… If she had never grown on me… Her petals shine like gold medals, on my podium of pandemonium, cropping up everContinue reading “Flower “