Workshops and Community Learning

We believe self-expression leads to self-knowledge which leads to self-actualization. Our mission is to help people express themselves, inspire them to discover themselves, and motivate people to become the best version of themselves.

We believe everyone is a creative genius, the challenge is to learn the skills required to express that genius.

Chidi3s Art runs workshops and courses aimed to inspire creativity and promote well-being. Workshops are run in collaboration with several different organizations ranging from private parties with a creative twist, to community development projects aimed at inspiring and empowering local communities. Each and every workshop is designed to have a fun engaging inclusive atmosphere as well as being impactful to the participants. Regardless of the setting Chidi3s Art is committed to helping others believe in their own creative genius.  

Workshops are specific to organizations we collaborate with, so each workshop is uniquely tailored to the need of the participants and the respective organization.  

Some examples of courses and workshops can be found below.


These are examples of learner’s work from a 9 week course on ‘Painting with Acrylics and Oils’, run as a part of Hounslow Council’s Adult and Community Education Program.


These are examples of learners work from a session on fluid art, on a contemporary art course, run on behalf of Hounslow Adult and Community Education.

For more information on courses, please contact 020 8583 6000


This mural in Redwood Estate, Heston, was designed and created in collaboration with volunteers from the Heston West Big Local charity group. An initial workshop was held where members of the community came along to brainstorm ideas of what the community meant to them. Once we got a clear picture of this, we began creating the mural, this took place over three additional workshops. Over 30 different volunteers from several age groups and backgrounds were able to contribute to the mural in one way or the other.


The mural above was created in collaboration with some young volunteers at sutton youth center as part of the ‘I’M doing ME‘ initiative. The completion of the mural took place over three workshops. In the initial workshop the participants came up with designs within the theme ‘youth and what it means to you’ in the following two workshops the participants were guided to bring their designs to life on a community mural.


One day workshops are run in collaboration with charitable organisations as a way of using art and creativity to promote well being and social activity. The work above was done by learners on workshops with The Prince’s Trust, Evalinas Pride (St Thomas Hospital), and Islamic Unity Society. The activities we did on the day were based on the needs of the participants.


This social workshop was run on behalf of Draw and Liquor. On the day, participants were tasked with recreating a Chidi3s piece using carbon paper and acrylic paint. They were guided and encouraged through the process while enjoying great cocktails, food and a wonderful social atmosphere.

Dean Gardens Community Banner

This banner was created in collaboration with young members of the local community, it reflects what they love about the park and their home.

Thanks to Ealing council for making this possible, and a special thanks to the wonderful young artist at West Side Youth Center who contributed their creativity and time to bringing this banner to life.

Drawing And painting at Open Ealing

Drawing & Sketching This course provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to either learn to draw from scratch, improve their current abilities., or enhance their creative process.  

Painting with Acrylics  This course will be a wonderful opportunity to discover yourself more as an artist and explore the various techniques associated  with acrylic paint in the first four weeks of  the course. We will attempt to recreate work done by professional artists as a way of exploring technique, colour and composition.

These two classes are run by myself on behalf of Open Ealing Art center, for more information please visit

The Cutty Sark Mural

It was an honour to create this mural for @royalmuseumsgreenwich in collaboration with the brilliant artists at New Haven Primary School. It was inspired by the history of the Cutty Sark and the Greenwich community.

A big thank you to the learning team at #cuttysark. It’s part of the Greenwich @adventwindows series, organised every year by St. Alfeges church

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